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Frequently Asked Questions 2
Q: Is on site parking available?
A: Yes, we offer free parking for ClipPets and Pacific Plaza customers.

Q: How can I keep my dog's hair from matting?
A: We sell specific brushes to help with regular maintenance and care. However, if your dog is too heavily matted, shaving and starting from scratch may be the best method for you. Come see us at ClipPets and we will help you determine the next step and get you going in the right direction to prevent further matting in the future.

Q. My dog has sensitive skin/allergies to specific shampoos, may I bring my own? 
A: Absolutely! We have several clients that bring medicated shampoos as prescribed by their veterinarians. Just let the staff know when you call.

Q: How could I prevent picking up fleas when I take my dog out in public?
A: If you find fleas on your dog, it is important to bring him or her in for a flea bath as soon as possible. Following the bath, make sure to apply a brand of flea preventative that you prefer. Also, keep in mind that even with flea preventative, stray fleas are still possible. 

Q: How long will grooming take?
A:  A: Grooming usually takes about four hours, on busy days it can take longer. We can usually give you an estimate, and we'll call as soon as your dog is ready.

Q: How can I get my dog sooner? 
A: If you are concerned about your dog being away for too long (due to problems like age, anxiety, illness, etc.) we'll try our best to accommodate you. Drop your dog off early (we open at 7:00 AM). It's first come first serve - the sooner you're in, the sooner your dog is done. Be sure to let the staff know if you have a time restriction or are concerned about your dog staying a longer amount of time. 

We do not groom 
cats at 
this time.